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Dr. Liraz, PhD

United States


Meet Dr. Liraz, a brain expert with a heart that is ready to serve and a track record that's just as impressive. Imagine spending over 15 years diving deep into the wonders of the brain, getting a PhD along the way, and then working at a renowned place like the Mayo Clinic. Sounds great, but it gets even better! When her daughter came into the world, Dr. Liraz found her true calling. Picture this - chasing after a tiny human just discovering her own fingers and toes and is crawling so fast, you can barely keep up. That's when Dr. Liraz knew: her mission was to help kids blossom into their brightest selves. Armed with brainy research publications, multiple career awards, and speaking invitations at big conferences, Dr. Liraz turned her skills toward helping little ones grow. In 2023, she launched Little Neurons, LLC, a beacon of hope for maximizing brainpower in early development. Little Neurons isn't just a website; it's a powerhouse churning out fun blogs, educational videos, and teaming up with groups like 4Cs for Children to offer "Brain Boosting" enrichment classes for young children and training for the early childhood educators teaching them. Dr. Liraz is all about sharing smart, science-backed tips to improve schools and kid programs. Oh, and did I mention that she is a Montessori mega-fan? Dr. Liraz is the creators of the Montessori at Home International Child Development Seminar series, showing parents everywhere how to bring Dr. Montessori's magic into their homes. She is on a mission to sprinkle a little brainy fairy dust on kids' learning journeys, making sure every little step along the way is as enriching as it can be.

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