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Montessori Masterclass: Parenting

A 4 Part Series with Parenting the Newborn, Parenting the Infant, Parenting the Toddler, and Parenting Primary.

Learn more about parenting the Montessori way with this Montessori Masterclass: Parenting! This course is great for anyone caring for the child in the first six years and is intended to be taken from beginning to end, starting with Parenting the Newborn (regardless of whether you child is older than that). When understanding development, its is critical to understand the full and complete story of the child, so knowing where they have been will give you important ideas for what you are seeing now.

Written and presented by Mariana Bissonnette, founder of The PEACE Program, award-winning parenting author and AMI 0-6 Montessori parent-educator.

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What to Expect:

This series includes four 1.5-2 hour series of 5-10 minute lessons, with a bonus introductory course: Harness Your Child's Potential. In just 10 minutes a day, you can go through this series in 6 weeks. Because the lessons progress and build as you go through the course, I strongly recommend that you watch the series in the order provided.

Course Syllabus

Parenting the Newborn:

  1. Montessori Review (5 min)

  2. The 4 Big Ideas (12 min)

  3. The Roots: Movement (6 min)

  4. The Roots: Language (10 min)

  5. Supporting the Roots (10 min)

  6. The Conditions: Eating (12 min)

  7. The Conditions: Sleeping (14 min)

  8. The Conditions: Hygiene (11 min)

  9. Supporting the Conditions (9 min)

  10. Postpartum R.E.S.T. (11 min)


Parenting the Infant:

  1. Introduction (10 min)

  2. Babies Build Toddlers (12 min)

  3. The Roots: Inspire Movement (13 min)

  4. The Roots: Avoid Limiting Movement (11 min)

  5. The Roots: Inspire Language (9 min)

  6. The Roots: Avoid Limiting Language (8 min)

  7. The Conditions: Eating (11 min)

  8. The Conditions: Sleeping (17 min)

  9. The Conditions: Hygiene (12 min)

  10. The Conditions: Toileting (12 min)


Parenting the Toddler

  1. Introduction (6 min)

  2. Order (15 min)

  3. Language (11 min)

  4. Peers (13 min)

  5. Freedom & Limits (10 min)

  6. Logical Consequences Part 1 (12 min)

  7. Logical Consequences Part 2 (13 min)

  8. Practical Life Part 1 (11 min)

  9. Practical Life Part 2 (14 min)

  10. Psych-Sensory-Motor (8 min)

  11. Language Materials (16 min)


Parenting Primary:

  1. Introduction (14 min)

  2. Language (11 min)

  3. Peers (13 min)

  4. Freedom & Limits (9 min)

  5. Logical Consequences (11 min)

  6. Connector to Mediator Part 1 (10 min)

  7. Connector to Mediator Part 2 (16 min)

  8. Practical Life Materials (8 min)

  9. Language & Literacy (13 min)

  10. Sensorial (13 min)

  11. Mathematics (15 min)


TypeOn-demand course
Duration 8 hours
Participants Parents, Grandparents, Caregivers, Educators, Montessori educators, Non-Montessori educators, Homeschoolers
Language English


Mariana Bissonnette (she/her) is an Oakland-based Montessori educator, parent of two, and author of the award-winning Montessori parenting book Babies build Toddlers: A Montessori Guide to Parenting the First 18 Months. Mariana is deeply committed to bringing access to Montessori education for all from birth and has helped over 1500 families adopt and implement the Montessori Method at home through her parenting education organization The PEACE Program (Parent Education and Child Empowerment)! Mariana has her AMI Montessori teaching credentials for 0-3 and 3-6 and has taught at each of those levels, working with infants, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners. The PEACE Program's signature program is the Montessori Masterclass where families can find digestible, practical courses, information and community groups, all facilitated by our team of multicultural, international Montessori trained guides.


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