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Amanda Engelbach is a Montessori Educator and a certified Positive Discipline Parent Coach. She is passionate about helping families thrive through a science-backed, solution-focused approach. Her areas of expertise are families with children between 15 months - 6 years. 


Coaching Testimonial from Marie Murphy, Parent of 2, UK.  

"The Challenges I was facing before working with Amanda included siblings fighting, difficult bedtimes, lack of routine, and getting stuck in power struggles.

This left me feeling angry, deflated, and exhausted. I found myself resorting to threats and consequences and shouting.

After working with Amanda, I feel more empowered and inclined to connect before I re-direct. I try to be collaborative when solving bedtime and other difficulties or areas of ‘power struggle’. I don’t always get this right but I know there are alternatives to being reactive and responding unhelpfully in the moment.

What I enjoyed most about working with Amanda has been her calm non-judgemental empathetic and solution-focused approach. It has helped me to be open, reflective, and honest which means I have then been able to learn and use the sessions.

I am very grateful for all I have learned and for the wonderfully skilled support, Amanda has provided. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and encourage anyone wondering if coaching is for them, to go for it. "


TypeConsulting service
Location Zoom video meeting
Participants Parents, Caregivers
Language English


Amanda Engelbach has been a certified Montessori Educator since 1999 and has worked with children aged 18 months - 6 years in Montessori settings around the world. She trained in London, UK, and then took advantage of the global nature of Montessori Education and her passion for travel and worked in schools in Hong Kong and New Zealand. After returning to London, she joined the Montessori St Nicholas Charity London and spent 10 years working as Advertising Manager, Commissioning Editor, and then Editor of Montessori International magazine. Montessori International was a leading resource for Montessori schools and parents and had subscribers in 90 countries including one in Mongolia. Amanda took a health sabbatical in 2012 and alongside working on her recovery she has become an online Parent Consultant/Mentor. She is passionate about making Montessori more accessible for parents globally so has created a mentorship program for parents to transform their parenting using Montessori principles and Positive Discipline tools along with the latest Science and psychology to raise confident, capable, resilient kids, while parenting in a way that feels GOOD! Amanda is passionate about creating a life of Balance and Well-being for parents and children and has taken all she has learned from her recovery journey into her coaching. Her current dream is to support her parents while moving to Spain. She loves the Spanish Language and is practicing hard :) As well as mentoring Parents, she has her own mini-learning and mindset lab in her current role as a Montessori Nanny for 2 children aged 6 and 8 years old.


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