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Angelina Guzman, LMSW

United States


The past two years have been nothing short of a whirlwind. My name is Angelina and in the past two years I have had my first child, now officially a toddler, and graduated with a Masters in Social Work. I have used my knowledge and charisma to help couples, individual adults, adolescents, teens, and families realize areas of strength and help them to organize an actionable plan towards change. I love the work I get to do as a mental health therapist so much that I started my own personal coaching business where I can help an array of individuals with a topic I am very passionate about, parenting. My workshops will focus on ideas that I had wished to have someone to talk with while on my own journey as a Montessori Parent and mental health. One of the ways I see myself naturally aligning with Montessori values is in the way I advocate for parents to begin shifting mindsets from helpless to capable. I apply this view not only to children but to how we see ourselves as parents as well! Empowered parents raise empowered children. I cannot wait to connect with you and learn more about your story.