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With the proper tools, we can all improve as parents

I know, education can be absolutely challenging, especially when you are tired, confused, or don't have the necessary tools. Parents and teachers only want what is best for children but, how do you know how to get it right?

The thing is, there is not a perfect formula or magic pill to solve all behaviour challenges, but there are certain approaches that you can follow to make the journey loads more relaxing and satisfying.

Positive Discipline and Montessori approaches can help you achieve that.

Because I have seen the struggles as a mum daily, I am here to help you in your specific journey. I will help you and show you how simple changes in your environment and your own behaviour can help you improve your children's behaviour quickly.



These could include anything related to: 

  • The role of the adult and the environment in Montessori
  • Decluttering and organising toys the Montessori way
  • House tour to set areas
  • Toilet Learning the Montessori way
  • BLW the Montessori way
  • Discipline the Montessori way 



These could include anything related to:

  • Working on self-regulation skills as parents first
  • Why does my child do those things! (Understanding child development)
  • Validating big emotions
  • Connecting with your child
  • Setting boundaries and routines and following through!
  • Bed/meal/getting dressed time fights
  • Helping with bitting, hitting…
  • Homework battles
  • Screen Time Limits
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Getting my child to be more independent and responsible by contributing at home
  • Manage tantrums indoors and outdoors
  • Alternatives to punishments and praise


I would love to hear more about you and your situation, so if you are ready to finally start making improvements in your family, get in touch by booking a free 20min discovery call with me, so we can talk about your specific needs.


TypeConsulting service
Location Zoom video meeting
Participants Parents, Caregivers
Language English, Spanish


Ingrid is a certified Educational Psychologist, Montessori guide 3-6 and Positive Discipline Educator, author of the bilingual books 'Noah Learns To Appreciate' and 'Ellie, The Youngest Owner', and has always had an interest in behaviour and helping others, dedicating most of her career to teaching. Originally from Spain she and her family live in England where she runs workshops for parents and educators online and across the north of England. She's currently studying counselling. She firmly believes that education, empathy and compassion are fundamental pillars of society and that we should all understand and respect children as individuals making them part of our adult world, because although they are small and their brains might not be fully developed yet, they are still important beings.


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