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Montessori Basics for Toddlers: All About Tantrums!

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by Skye Dodson, M.Ed.

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Join me, an instructor of Montessori infant toddler level teacher education and positive discipline, as I discuss tantrums in toddler and pre school aged children.  I will explain how tantrums function, why children have tantrums, and steps you can take to avoid tantrums.  I will also discuss how we approach children who are having tantrums, and give practical tips and strategies you can use with the children in your care. Parents and caregivers will feel confident supporting their children through big emotions, and children will gain the skills they need to develop emotion regulation.  


TypeLive workshop
Format Group session
Location Zoom video meeting
Participants Parents, Grandparents, Caregivers, Educators


My name is Skye Dodson. I am an instructor of early childhood education and an instructor for AMS infant toddler level teacher education programs in the US, Asia and Canada. I am a birth and postpartum doula, and a credentialed Positive Discipline instructor. I am also trained in RIE and Pikler approach to infant and toddler caregiving. I have 20 years of experience in the classroom, and have raised 3 Montessori children of my own. I enjoy supporting families in implementing Montessori at home for infants and toddlers. I am also CEO of Montessori Board Books (, and author of Charlie Gets Dressed and contributing author of Montessori Parent Coronavirus Survival Guide.


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